Congress Chairs

Organizing Committee Vice Chair: Mr. Shuzo Sonoda
Mr. Shuzo Sonoda Organizing Committee Chair
JPMA President
Yukiko Ozaki
Prof. Yukiko Ozaki Organizing Committee Vice Chair
JSPM President
(Osaka University / Kyushu University, Japan)

We are delighted to welcome you to the WORLD PM2024 Congress & Exhibition in Yokohama, one of the most popular and attractive cities in Japan.

Yokohama, one of the oldest international ports in Japan, is located in the center of Japan near Tokyo.
East met west, classic met modern, Yokohama has been grown as exotic flavored city since they opened their door for international people in 1859.
So, you can enjoy historical area such as old brick warehouse, sophisticated shopping mall, harbor walk, and finest Japanese and international cuisine within just walking distance.
Beautiful Mt. Fuji, historical Kamakura city (was capital city in Japan during late 12th and early 13th century, “Samurai” and “Zen” culture begun here in Kamakura) are in one day trip distance from Yokohama.

World PM2024 will include presentations on the latest PM technologies and exhibitions to introduce the latest products and technologies from the PM supply chain. In addition, various social events and special programs will be prepared.
World PM2024 will provide great opportunities to exchange the useful information and solutions and enhance interactive communication and deepen friendship.
We look forward to your participation in the congress to “Make a better world with PM”.